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You have come to the right place! Grow More Hops LLC is dedicated to providing hop grower education, hop consulting services and hop growing-related products. We want hop growers to be well-informed and successful. Growing hops outside of the Pacific Northwest area of the United States is challenging. Reliable information and equipment for small to medium-sized hop growers is very hard to find. The webinars provided by Grow More Hops LLC are based on University research wherever possible. Unfortunately, very few universities have been able to fund research in all of the areas needed by new hop growers. In those cases, we rely on advice from successful growers and their vendors. 

Starting in April of 2013, Lee Jennings (founder of Grow More Hops LLC) began to offer an introductory seminar to hop growers in Southern Wisconsin. That seminar, now called "Growing Hops From the Ground UP!" has been presented in locations from Wisconsin and Minnesota to North and South Dakota.

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Our mission is provide local hops growers with the tools needed to successfully grow and market hops to local craft brewers.  Grow More Hops, LLC offers hop growing seminars and webinars, hopyard site evaluations, production planning and integrated pest management services.