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Please Contact Grow More Hops to Confirm Hop Variety Availability

You can purchase hop transplants from Grow More Hops LLC with confidence. Through an arrangement with St. Croix Valley Hops, Grow More Hops can offer you hop transplants that are screened for the 5 major hop viruses and viroids as well as hop downy mildew. These transplants originate from mother plants obtained from the USDA Clean Plant Network. Our hop transplants are packaged in single variety flats of 36 plants each. International sales are not available at this time.

Healthy Plant Guarantee

Notify Grow More Hops within 14 days of delivery and receive replacement of plants received in poor condition. All shipped material is expected to be properly field-planted as soon as possible after arrival as practical. Buyer pays product replacement shipping costs.

Pre-Order Lead Time: 120 Days Before Shipment.


15 Flats or less (540 plants or less) - $4.00/plant or $144/flat

16 to 30 Flats (576 to 1080 plants) - $3.75/plant or $135/flat

31 Flats or more (1116 plants or more) - email Lee Jennings for a customized quote (

A nonrefundable reservation deposit of $1 per plant is required to reserve your order. This fee will be credited toward your final payment.

Final payment is due 30 from your order date. 

Shipping:  $20 per flat. Shipping is available to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, USA. Please email for shipping rates to other states in the USA. Orders can also be picked up at St. Croix Valley Hops in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Please state your shipping preference on the order form.

State Sales Tax will not be charged if you provide a State Sales Tax exemption form with your order. Otherwise, state sales tax will be included in your hop transplant order.

All orders will be invoiced through PayPal or Stripe unless other payment arrangements are made.

Please complete the following form to begin the purchase process. When we receive your completed "Order Inquiry", we will contact you to confirm your order and send you an invoice for the reservation deposit. Your sales tax exemption form must be received before your plants will be shipped.

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